Equestrian training courses : Natural horsmanship, Danse with Horses and basic Shiastu knowlege, Wild Horse trim (for barefoot horses), Islandic Horseriding

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  1. CLINICS 2014: Holistic Horsemanship, Danse with Horses and Equine Shiatsuière Approche
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CLINICS 2014: Holistic Horsemanship, Danse with Horses and Equine Shiatsuière Approche

Holistic Horsemanship: Marie Franco


Marie Franco, Horse & Heart. www.horse-and-heart.com


28-29 February 2012 (2-day course)


Age 16+. All backgrounds or none - No prerequisite!


The first steps of engaging with horses in shared trust and respect. 2 Beautiful days spent with the wonderful herd of Icelandic horses living with Sophie in (heaven) the domain of Fournery, Ardèche, in the South of France.

Forget all you thought you knew about horses and learn how to listen truly, watch without prejudice and let them tell you the story of who they are. From the basics of Ethology amongst the herd, moving on to silent connection with a horse of your choice - or who will have chosen you. Approach & contact with trust and respect given from the Heart, in your horse's own language and ways.

Holistic Horsemanship: Première Approche

A wonderful opportunity to practice your French... and a meeting you will never forget.

Maximum number of participants: 8

Book early!


£330 for the 2 days - Price Includes


javascript or images required / +44 (0) 1342 824 170

Booking essential and complete only upon receipt of signed application forms + a deposit of 50% of the fee. Balance to be settled before the start of the course.


Mas de Fournery & Baraud Route de St Andéol de Berg 07170 Villeneuve de Berg FRANCE

Previous 1st Approach Clinics

Comments from participants: 'I discovered what it means to be connected to a horse.' 'Moments of such peace and tenderness... sheer magic!' 'Time just stopped... it was amazing... and I never knew you could meet and understand an animal in that way!' 'What a beautiful demonstration of positive leadership... Thank you!' 'I can't wait to come back for more!!!'


This course will be run in FRENCH!